Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Leave clingwrap on for at least 1 hour after you get tattooed. This stops the blood and oozing clear substance produced by your new tattoo from congealing and forming a scab.

Remove plastic and thoroughly wash your new tattoo, making sure to get rid of any vaseline / other cream your tattooist applied before wrapping you up.

Apply a moisturising antibacterial cream to your tattoo (Bepanthen Ointment or Savlon work well) and make sure it is well rubbed in. If you do not rub the cream in properly the tattoo will form a scab and this could cause some loss of pigment. If tattoo is still weeping continue to rub the clear liquid back into the skin so as not to let a scab form.

Wash tattoo twice daily and apply ointment after washing and/or when tattoo starts to feel a little dry. KEEP YOUR NEW TATTOO CLEAN!

Most tattoos heal within 7 – 10 days and during this time (especially the first few days) it is recommended that you avoid things like long hot baths, swimming, prolonged sun exposure, excessive sweating (playing sport etc). Do not wear tight clothes that may rub on the tattoo. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH YOUR HEALING TATTOO. This can cause scarring and loss of pigment.

To enhance the longevity and colour fastness of your tattoo apply a high SPF sunscreen when out in the sun.

Piercing Aftercare Instructions

We suggest using a mixture of rock salt and hot water to clean piercings. Soak piercing 3 times a day in salt water and avoid twisting or turning jewellery until healed. Make sure solution is not too strong as it may irritate the piercing. Do not use harsh soaps or alcohol wipes during the healing period.

Keep piercing clean and pat gently after washing.

It is normal to experience some bleeding, bruising, swelling and tenderness during the healing period. The piercing may also secrete a whitish fluid, this is normal too.

Wear comfortable / loose clothing during healing so as not to irritate your piercing. Do not change jewellery for at least 6 weeks after piercing.